Sean Strickland On UFC Fighter Pay – “They’re Signing Guys At 10K/10K That Should Be Criminal”

Sean Strickland has always been outspoken when sharing his opinion, and he has done so once again on social media with regard to fighter pay in the UFC.

The former middleweight champion recently lightly went at it with BKFC’s Mike Perry, with earnings being the main topic of discussion.

To no one’s surprise, Strickland did not jump to the defense of the UFC, but did raise some good points that only the top stars in BKFC are the ones that are really getting paid within that organization.

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“Strickland, he’s fighting for the UFC for pesos, and I’m getting paid over here. He’s always posting videos on Instagram where he walks outside of his garage or his front door, and somebody is in his driveway and he’s trying to fight a bare knuckle for free right there. What are you talking about Sean?”
Strickland went on to return fire in the comments.

-Mike Perry

“UFC pay is utter garbage,” Strickland wrote in response. “lol their [sic] signing guys at 10/10 that should be criminal … but the vast majority of BKFC fighters are getting paid way less than that … As a ufc fighter I advocate for better pay for me and the entire roster … You should do the same for your guys.”

With the back half of his post, Strickland really took on the ‘man of the people’ kind of role, indicating that he is hopeful that his fellow fighters will receive better compensation with he and many others advocating for it.

While I’m on my soap box from a poor man who became kinda a rich man once you have capital it just snow balls. These elites could probably never take a paycheck again and easily make 500k a year. Yet they still line their bank accounts with millions that they will never need or spend. In all industries.”



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