The Britons settle the old Viking Age Feud!

ONE Championship Fighter Jonathan Haggerty's Younger Brother did Battle Tonight
From left to right: fighter Jasper Landal, WBC Muay Thai country representative M. Tehrani, promoter J. Dabelsteen and fighter Freddie Haggerty.                                                                                                  Picture courtesy of WBC Muay Thai.


Younger brother of ONE Championship fighter Jonathan Haggerty, Freddie Haggerty just became the new WBC Muay Thai Under 18 Featherweight European Champion.

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He convincingly beat Dane Jasper Landal from Extreme Muay Thai, where you trains alongside Niclas “Dreamchaser” Larsen.

Referee Sod Chamnanpanich raises the hand of the winner.                                                                                    Private photo.


“It was a fair decision.”, says promoter Jesper Dabelsteen.

Posted on Facebook by J. Haggerty: “Job done!”


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