The Only Fighter Who Knocked Out Buakaw

"I Will Do It Again!"


Wikipedia about Yshihiro Sato’s start in the K-1 organization: 

In his K-1 debut on May 3, 2005, he beat William Diender by decision. He lost to Virgil Kalakoda in a K-1 Superfight in the K-1 MAX Finals. On October 12, 2005, he defeated Kaoklai Kaennorsing, the only fighter who has fought in both K-1’s Heavyweight division and in K-1 MAX. On February 4, 2006 he defeated Akeomi Nitta, Ryuki Ueyama and Tatsuji to win the K-1 MAX Japan Grand Prix 2006 tournament. On February 5, 2007 he won the K-1 MAX Japan Grand Prix 2007 tournament. In April 2007 he lost to Dutch fighter Andy Souwer by decision. His latest fight was on July 7, 2008 in which he defeated Buakaw Por. Pramuk by KO in the 3rd round in the Quarterfinals for the K-1 MAX Finals and he is set to fight Masato on October 10, 2008.

Sato was one of the best Japanese Middleweight Kickboxers back in the heydays of K-1. His style resembled the Thai Muay Thai style, but due to his size, he was lanky and slow. His technique and heart made up for that. By miles!

And to be able to say “I am the only guy in the world who has knocked out Buakaw” is a huge testament to that – Buakaw had 207 professional fights before the KO!


Buakaw vs. Sato at the K-1 MAX Finals in 2008


14 years after the knockout of the legend, Sato is facing Buakaw in the land of Muay Thai: Rajadamnern World Series, RWS is hosting the event on October 28th, and whilst Buakaw has kept active, fighting all over the world, Sato hasn’t fought for seven years.

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Even so, Sato, or Yoshi-HERO proclaims that he will get revenge on Buakaw. Revenge for the loss at Max Muay Thai in 2013.



RWS recently posted a series of pictures of a shredded Sato, who boldly stated “Anybody who ignores me: get ready to be shocked!”.


Please click on Facebook post (above) to go to the original post on Facebook.


Meanwhile Buakaw is preparing in his usual, hardcore style…. maybe with a little bit more tenacity, since this fight is personal, and he is out for revenge, and out to show the world that the one and only knockout defeat was just that: the one and only.


Video courtesy of RWS' Facebook page.


FIGHT SPORTS will keep you updated on the event, and will post results on the night of the event.

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