Tyson Fury On Course To Become A Billionaire

Tyson Fury says he will become a billionaire, with a possible ten more fights under the direction of Turki Alalshikh

Fury will make his highest payday for the Undisputed Heavyweight Championship bout against Oleksandr Usyk on May 18. Reports indicate the two fights could earn him close to $200 million. That followed Fury’s previous highest purse of approximately $50 million for the Francis Ngannou fight.

With potential lucrative fights against Anthony Joshua and an Ngannou rematch, Fury is not intent on retiring just yet. During Fury’s sole presser for the Usyk fight, Turki Alalshikh confirmed the plan for Fury to fight up to ten times, leaving the Gypsy King ready for the huge sums that would follow. 

“We want Tyson for five, seven, or ten fights more. You are the most beautiful diamond boxing fighter. You know what I have in my heart. I see you as one of the best fighters in the generation, and I’m thinking we will have a big relationship in the boxing field,” Turki Alalshikh said 

“I’m definitely on course to be the first boxing billionaire. I’m on course for it, I’m looking forward to it, and I’m delighted by all the good news that keeps coming my way. I’m not cheap. I’m probably the highest paid. If you want something good, you’ve got to pay for it, don’t you?,” Fury stated

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The billion will depend on Fury’s result against Usyk. If the Gypsy King loses consecutive fights, there is no guarantee he becomes boxing’s top draw. Fury also has a history of pulling out of fights. He has already withdrawn from the Usyk fight twice while doing the same for the Wladimir Klitschko rematch. Fury also has to avoid getting injured and remaining active, which won’t be easy with the boxer’s continued struggle with mental health. But the first step involves beating Usyk.



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