UFC 296: Ian Garry Pulls Out Of Vicente Luque Fight With Pneumonia

Ian Machado Garry has withdrawn from his UFC 296 fight with Vicente Luque after getting pneumonia.

Garry is expected to return sometime next year as the UFC searches for an alternative fight. The Irish welterweight first raised doubts over his appearance after he withdrew from the UFC 296 media day on December 13th. There was no official explanation for his absence.

But recent background events suggested Garry feared for his family’s safety following an altercation with Sean Strickland. The war of words began after Strickland’s comments about Garry’s wife, Layla Machado Garry, in response to her book ‘How to be a WAG‘. The satirical book, written in 2012, discussed how women could attract younger athletes. Layla is 14 years older than Garry, as Strickland controversially attacked their relationship. 

The middleweight champion urged Garry to get out of his marriage, while the latter threatened to sue Strickland over harassment. It turned out that his personal problems were not the reasons for his withdrawal, as Dana White confirmed.

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“Ian Garry started with the flu that turned into pneumonia. So that fight is off and is not happening. It is true,” White said


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