UFC Co-Creator Claims Bellator Lost $35m This Year Alone

Campbell McLaren, the co-creator of the UFC, has alleged that Bellator was making massive losses prior to their sale to the PFL. 

After months of speculation, the PFL finalized the purchase of Bellator, with an announcement being made on November 20th, 2023. The PFL chairman, Don Davis, outlined his vision for Bellator next year, which included putting on a ‘champions vs. champions’ event and a ‘Bellator International Champions Series.’  In addition, Davis indicated that Bellator’s CEO Scott Coker would have the chance to stay on with his team if he desired to do so. 

“PFL is now a global powerhouse in MMA. Our Bellator acquisition turbocharges PFL’s mission to innovate the sport and become the industry co-leader. The combined PFL and Bellator fighter rosters are second to none in MMA. We can’t wait to bring MMA fans what they have been asking for – best vs best with the PFL Champions vs Bellator Champions Mega-Event,” Davis

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Despite the positive plans being mentioned, it appeared that Bellator was in serious trouble, which may explain the sale. And according to a report by Bloody Elbow, Bellator had apparently been losing their net income every year since 2010 until 2018. During the course of this process, their losses reportedly exceeded $100 million. And it all came to a head when McLaren confirmed their alleged losses for this year, which was claimed to be $35 million.

Neither Bellator nor the PFL have yet to respond to this, which is why the figures are unclear at this moment. But one thing for sure is that the PFL does have big plans for Bellator moving forward.

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