Weili Zhang Believes She Will Be A UFC Champion Again

At UFC 268, Rose Namajunas defended her belt for the first time against the fighter who she dethroned at UFC 261.

Namajunas (12-4) and Weili Zhang (21-3) shared the octagon for the second time, and it was a totally different fight. It was a quiet chess battle where Namajunas earned a split decision victory, but Zhang doesn’t think it’s over.

“I think today’s fight (was) a close fight. I think we both performed the best of ourselves,” Weili said during the post-fight press conference. “I’m very much looking forward to a rematch with Rose. And also, I believe that I will get my belt back if I have the opportunity.”

In the first rounds, the Chinese fighter showed some great striking and ground game. She even stunned the champion several times, but Namajunas hit her back with exchanges.

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In the final round, Namajunas went for a takedown and controlled almost the whole round.

Some people think that Namajunas should move on and defend her title with other contenders; others believe they should fight again.

The champion thinks that she might share the octagon with Zhang once again.

“She’s committed to martial arts and being the best, so I’m sure she’s gonna do whatever it takes to try to contend for that title again,” Namajunas said. “So I wouldn’t be surprised, but we’ll see.”

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