Why Jake Paul vs. Mike Tyson Makes Sense

Former boxer Jeff Fenech says the Jake Paul vs. Mike Tyson fight is a smart business move despite the criticism. 

They face off in an eight-round pro fight on July 20, live on Netflix. The fight has raised safety concerns as Tyson will be 58, while Paul will be 28. Tyson has also not boxed professionally since losing to Kevin McBride in 2005, while his last fight in any form was a 2020 exhibition against Roy Jones Jr. Paul is the more active fighter, having stopped Andre August and Ryan Bourland since last December. 

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Fenech understood the decision to make the fight. Tyson will reportedly earn $30 million from the fight alone. That excludes any sponsorship deals and outside endorsements. Tyson also runs a successful marijuana business, Mike Tyson 2.0, which brings in millions monthly. He sells products across 24 US States, which the fight will only help promote.

While Tyson and Paul have denied claims that the fight will be scripted, it could be a glorified sparring match. Tyson knows the dangers of heavyweight boxing, so he will take calculated risks. The same goes for Paul, who must win, knowing his world title ambitions. 

“This is all about money and social media shit. I know nothing about it because I’m not into that stuff. Imagine how much money they’re making on social media without even fighting? They’d be making a killing, with sponsorship and all that. It’s crazy,” French said 

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