Yohan Lidon is Back!

WKN events are taking place in Argentina, Hungary, France and Germany in September.

One of the busiest governing bodies within Kickboxing, the WKN, continues it’s extremely busy schedule for September 2022.

Argentina on September 3rd: BTF New Edition
BTF New Edition poster courtesy of WKN.


Venue: Club Argentino de Castelar, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Main fight: WKN Argentina championship Kickboxing,  oriental rules, Nicolas Sanchez vs Fernando Amaya
Supervisor: Fernando Muñoz


Hungary on September 3rd: Golden Muay Thai Gala, edition 1
The Golden Muay Thai Gala poster courtesy of WKN.


Place: Budapest, Hungary
Main fight: WKN Hungarian Muay Thai Championship, Super Flyweight division, J. Csatlos vs. A. Szekely
Supervisor: George Rehak


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France on September 22nd: MFC9
MFC9 poster courtesy of WKN.


Legendary fighter, multiple times world Kickboxing and Muay Thai champion Yohan Lidon is back! Lidon boasts a fight record of 101 wins, 58 by knockout, 38 losses, 1 draw and 1 NC.

He will face Jimmy Limpasert for the WKN world championship, K-1 rules.

More information on this mega fight coming real soon.


Germany on 24th September: Fighting Rookies, Part 6
Fighting Rookies, Part 6 poster courtesy of WKN.


Venue: Volkspark Halle (Saale), Germany
Main fight: WKN German Flyweight title, oriental rules, Claudia Hamann vs. Patrice Heer
Supervisor: Klaus Hagemann

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