Andrade: Saunders Should Dominate Guys Like Lemieux

Demetrius Andrade wasn’t surprised David Lemieux struggled against WBO Middleweight Champion Billy Joe Saunders back in December.

To Andrade, Lemieux’s stature and skill set limits him against southpaws like him and Saunders. But noting that, he’s not taken much of Saunders’ dominance in that fight into consideration, as Andrade prepares for a title shot against Saunders this October.

“Lemieux’s a small guy,” Andrade said. “He’s short. Yeah, he’s got a lot of power – if he can hit you. He’s got no feet, he’s got no punches. All he does is rely on the [left] hook if you get close enough. Now if you’re a boxer and you know how to move, it’s night and day. So why not take that fight? You can go anywhere if you know how to fight and box and beat David Lemieux. It don’t matter where it’s at.”

Lemieux is a good fighter for what he is and who he gets in the ring with. When you’re a good boxer, you’re gonna be able to beat guys like David Lemieux. I’m a great boxer. I know what it takes to beat David Lemieux as well, and so did Billy Joe Saunders. Billy Joe Saunders is a better boxer than David Lemieux. David Lemieux can only go in there and look to land the only shot he relies on, versus somebody who can move, jab, make him miss, counter. That’s when the sweet science kicks in.

Saunders and Andrade face off on Oct. 20 at TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts.

Original Story: Boxing Scene

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