Andy Ruiz Jr Scores Multiple Knockdowns To Achieve Victory Over Luis Ortiz

With the amount of power possessed by the top competitors in the heavyweight division, fighters need to be cautious and not expose too many openings, as one shot can decide it all. While it was not just one shot that decided things in tonight’s main event in Los Angeles between Andy Ruiz Jr and Luis Ortiz, the shots that resulted in Ruiz’s three knockdowns stemmed from capitalizing upon openings that were exposed during exchanges.

Throughout the course of the first round, Ortiz was doing a good job at staying conservative and setting up body shots off his pumping jab. Both competitors remained cautious of each other’s power, until Ortiz connected with a straight left that sent Ruiz moving backwards. Landing this shot cleanly seemed to give Ortiz supreme confidence, confidence that would become the catalyst for things to come.

Early in the second round, Ruiz connected with a well-timed right hand that buckled Ortiz’s legs. He then waited for Ortiz to confidently step in and return fire, this is when he saw the opening to land a lightning fast right hook. The punch connected flush to the side of the head of Ortiz and dropped him immediately. He would rise to his feet, but in a matter of seconds he was back on the floor with the referee over him counting, likely more from residual damage from the initial knockdown than anything. Ortiz would escape the second round by firing back with desperation power shots that landed partially, and urged Ruiz to air on the side of caution.

Rounds three through six were closely scored, with both fighters playing it safe. Ruiz did not want to over commit to getting the knockout and find himself on the canvas, and Ortiz was still trying to shake away the cobwebs and did not want to risk getting put down again. Overall, Ortiz won the majority of these rounds, strictly from a perspective of output landed, as he was able to move around Ruiz and use his reach. Despite the tentative approach for this portion of the fight, there were still some strong power shots landed from both sides.

Into the seventh round, Ruiz landed a stinging straight shot to the body, this was followed by an exchange that ended with a short right hook from Ruiz that sent his opponent down for a third time.

Through the next three rounds, Ortiz showed a lot of heart to battle back, and was once again out-boxing Ruiz on the scorecards. But, Ruiz remained patient and caught Ortiz in the eleventh with a devastating straight right. While this punch did not result in a knockdown, it did contribute to the Cuban’s eye being almost 100% swollen shut by the time of the championship rounds.

Ortiz began throwing bombs in the twelfth and final round, and connected cleanly with a few. It was a valiant effort by the 43-year-old, but the granite chin of Ruiz remained solid as he ate these shots all the way to the final bell to achieve the unanimous decision victory.

The hand speed and power shown by Ruiz, versus the heart and skill that Ortiz displayed in this fight, made for an excellent main event to close out an exciting evening of boxing.

Official Result: Andy Ruiz Jr def. Luis Ortiz via Decision (Unanimous) – 113-112, 114-111, 114-111 



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