Anthony Johnson Arrested On Domestic Violence Charge

Former UFC fighter and current BKFC executive Anthony Johnson was arrested on Monday night, after he admitted to grabbing and carrying his girlfriend during an argument.

Initially reported by TMZ, Johnson’s girlfriend called Las Vegas police to report an altercation with the former fighter.

The woman was in the middle of packing “Rumble’s” belongings in an attempt to kick her out of the house, when per the police report he “put her in a football hold” and carried her to another room in the house.

Johnson’s girlfriend claimed to offers that  “she was scared due to his size and martial arts experience.”

The former light heavyweight title challenger told police that he did grab and carry the woman during the argument, but was in no ways trying to hurt her, but just wanting to end the argument.

Las Vegas police would determine Johnson’s actions warranted an arrest on domestic violence charges, where he would be booked at a nearby station.

This is the second time Johnson was arrested for domestic violence in the past decade, as he was charged and later plead no contest to a misdemeanor domestic charge levied by an ex-girlfriend.


Report: TMZ

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