Anthony Joshua Explains Outburst After Losing To Oleksandr Usyk Again

After a highly anticipated fight against Oleksandr Usyk, Joshua lost the fight against the Ukranian fighter. He was not happy about the loss.

After the fight, Joshua took hold of the microphone and ranted for four minutes.

Joshua’s speech after the fight was a mixture of being upset about the loss but also wanting to speak from his heart.

“When you do things from your heart not everyone will understand, it was just from the heart,” Joshua said.

“I was mad at myself, just myself, I wanted to get out of there because I was mad. Then I realized it was sport and I had to do the right thing.

“You see me holding it together and I hold things together and keep my team good, but it comes at a big cost. It will never break me, but it takes real strength and tonight there is a little crack in that armor. The speech was about where I came from. I changed my life through boxing. But Usyk put on an incredible performance, and I want to thank him for taking part in an incredible fight. I am just so upset.

“Usyk is a great champion, he did well on both nights we met in the ring. As a competitor I am very upset, but I have to give the man his credit, it takes a lot to come up in weight, win a belt, defend them. He did it as an amateur and a pro, he is the real deal, I am happy for him.”

This was not the first rodeo between the two. Usyk beat Joshua in September 2021 and proved himself again in their rematch this past weekend.

Joshua previously said that even if he loses to Usyk, he doesn’t plan to retire. Meanwhile, Usyk looks for an undisputed title fight with WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury.

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