Anthony Joshua Working On Opening A Care Home For Retired Boxers

Anthony Joshua plans to create a care home, providing boxers a place once they retire.

The rising problem of chronic traumatic brain injury (CTE) in the sport and other related issues has led to calls for further safety measures. Micky Ward and Sugar Ray Robinson are two well-known boxers who had been diagnosed with CTE.  Cardiff University conducted a study that showed 20 percent of boxers suffered from CTE. The finding also showed there is an increasing risk of boxers getting dementia.

This is a topical issue, given the increasing number of fighters coming out of retirement. Mike Tyson is scheduled to face Jake Paul on November 15. The initial July 20 date was called off after Tyson pulled out with an inflamed ulcer. While the fight will go ahead, there were safety concerns prior to it getting sanctioned as a pro bout. Tyson is around three decades older than Paul.

Evander Holyfield’s 2021 comeback against Victor Belfort was also criticized. Holyfield’s reaction times had slowed down dramatically before Belfort dropped him. The referee would stop the fight, showing the dangers that boxers can face in their older age. Now, Joshua wants to give back to the community.

“They suffer by themselves, so we’ve been speaking about opening up a care home. That would be part of my boxing legacy – that I gave something back to the sport that made me. The one thing I would hope for is to keep my health intact. Because it’s your health that is the most important thing you’re ­putting on the line. We can notice it in fighters when their health is deteriorating, but we never actually talk about it among ourselves. All we focus on is winning.

“If I weren’t boxing I’d be quarter of the man I am, it’s made me really astute, intelligent, built my character, strong minded, strong-willed, it’s really helped me. It doesn’t take a lot out of me, it don’t, I promise you. Health is important in this sport but that’s why you’ve got to train hard, that’s why you’ve got to train smart. We spar a lot, that’s why you’ve got to be good, if you’re not good enough you shouldn’t do it because it’s so detrimental to your health,” Joshua said 


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