Anthony ‘Rumble’ Johnson Explains Why He Signed With Bellator

Anthony “Rumble” Johnson has explained why he decided to sign with Bellator over returning to the UFC.

Johnson has made his comeback plans known for a while now but not much movement was happening. At one point, UFC President Dana White even said Johnson kind of “disappeared” and that his team was mum. As it turns out, Johnson’s comeback will not be with the UFC as he has signed with Bellator.

When asked about “Rumble’s” decision to sign with Bellator, White said the UFC wanted to bring Johnson back but it wasn’t meant to be. The UFC boss also didn’t go into detail on why things didn’t work out.

Speaking to, Johnson discussed putting pen to paper with Bellator, rather than making his way back inside the Octagon.

“Business-wise, it’s just smart for me. I’m going into a different field outside of MMA. It gives me a little bit more leeway to do a little bit more. Honestly, with the UFC like that, you probably can’t really do a lot of things that you’d want to do because they’re such a strict company. When you have rules, you have to follow them, man. I’m not trying to break any rules, so why not just do our thing, show each other love and respect, and it is what it is?”

“Rumble” did say that there is no animosity with the UFC over his decision. He expressed his belief that the decision benefits both parties. Johnson will enter the Bellator cage as a light heavyweight.

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