Archuleta: I Won’t Let A Loss Break Me Like Ronda

Juan Archuleta looks to get in title contention, as he faces Ricky Bandejas at Bellator 214.

Riding a three-fight win streak inside the Bellator cage, the California native is confident walking into his bantamweight showdown on Saturday night, inspired by his most recent camp training with family friend and bodybuilding champion Sam Calavita.

“He’s been around me my whole life,” Archuleta told FIGHT SPORTS. “I’ve been using him my whole career to make sure there are no issues with weight cutting, conditioning and strength training.”

Coupled with training under Calavita, Archuleta spent his camp working with fellow Treigning Lab fighter and UFC bantamweight champion TJ Dillashaw. “There’s nothing like a world championship camp to be around,” the bantamweight said last week.

“That’s why this fight to me is the biggest of my career, because it feels like a championship fight. And it will showcase my championship ability.”

And while Archuleta is riding a win streak into The Forum in Los Angeles, he knows the lights are going to burn bright, telling FIGHT SPORTS that: “it raises the stakes and makes it more exciting. Facing Ricky Bendejas, it makes it even more game because he’s a scary dude who hits hard and is a game opponent.”

“I’ve put on some of the best performances of my career here (in Los Angeles) … I’ve been in Minnesota and wrestled against the number one ranked wrestler in the world while I was at Perdue. I’ve been booed, disrespected, and still went out there and took him out. And both of those environments make for a good outcome, when you’re thrown out there to try and perform.”

Both Archuleta and Bandejas have suffered one loss in their careers by way of submission, for Archulate it forced him to change his outlook.

“It switched up my whole game plan after I lost by submission,” said “The Spaniard.” “Get your s**t together, its martial arts you gotta understand it all.”

“Losses either break you like Ronda Rousey or they make you stronger like Conor McGregor, who learned from his mistakes.”

Another inspiration for Archuleta on Saturday night is the chance to make his great aunt proud, the owner of a special 1981 Corvette. “My great aunt is not doing too good right now, and that was her baby, you know,” Archuleta said of the car. “And it had just about 27,000 miles on it, and she wanted to fix it up, but time was getting at her. She doesn’t have much longer but is fighting the good fight now and trying to rest at ease.”

“I was basically her baby, but she said, ‘you want this car’ and I didn’t want to take it, but she was like ‘do me a favor, fix it up and once you do, take me to the casino so I can play blackjack in it.’”

Archuleta will try to make that happen as he faces Bandejas on the main card of Bellator 214 set for The Forum on January 26th on The Paramount Network.


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