Are Holyfield And Tyson In Talks For A Trilogy Bout?

A few weeks ago, the idea of Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield fighting in 2020 seemed like a fantasy. Now, it appears the two are close to competing against one another once again.

Speaking on The 3 Point Conversation podcast, Holyfield (44-10-2, 1NC) stated that talks have been ongoing between his team and Tyson’s (50-6, 2NC). This comes after both expressed interest in returning to the ring for charity bouts. Tyson, looking strong and lean, was the first to show he ready to return to action. A few days later, Holyfield did the same.

“His people have been talking to my people and we haven’t yet got a solid deal together but it’s coming that way,” Holyfield stated, via Boxing Scene.

Following the announcement by Holyfield, he did express a desire to fight Tyson once again. The two do have a special bond. “The Real Deal” beat Tyson in November 1996 for the WBA Heavyweight Title. Holyfield was able to control the fight, beating Tyson via TKO. Tyson did not feel like himself and wasn’t able to get any sort of advantage in the later rounds. They fought one another in a rematch in 1997, with Holyfield winning via DQ. This bout was controversial due to Tyson biting the ear of Holyfield. There was never a third bout between the two.

Years later, the two have become acquaintances, showing up at events with one another when needed. They also have talked about their fights in great length. Tyson has had many offers from various entities since announcing his return, while Holyfield is up for anything. As long as the leadup to a fight isn’t about causing drama, Holyfield is fine with whatever happens.

“If it happens, then that’s no problem,” Holyfield went on to say. “The thing is, he was doing something and I was doing something. When I told people about it, they saw me working out and they kind of put two and two together. They must be coming together to do this like this. But the fact of the matter is, I don’t mind if we do do something like this.”

Holyfield stated he will be fighting for #Unite4OurFight, an organization that helps overcome challenges and adversity for children and first responders. It is a huge part of The Evander Holyfield Foundation. Tyson will be looking to help out those with drug addictions, something he has dealt with before.

As of now, pen has not been put on paper for a Tyson-Holyfield rematch.

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