Are We Close To Getting An Alexander Volkanovski-Max Holloway Trilogy Fight?

Trilogy bouts have been known to help determine who the better fighter is. That is especially the case when it comes to fights that fans are invested in. A fight to determine the ultimate featherweight champion is something that entices many.

What about the UFC?

Company President Dana White spoke with ESPN regarding the situation surrounding the UFC Featherweight Title. He is not against the idea of giving former champion Max Holloway another shot against Alexander Volkanovski for the title.

“It’s hard to not say we can give Max a rematch for that fight again – do it a third time,” White stated, via MMA Fighting. “I think a lot of the fans and the media would agree with that. I don’t know for sure.”

Holloway (21-6) lost the UFC Featherweight TItle against Volkanovski at UFC 245 last December via unanimous decision. At UFC 251 a few weeks ago, Volkanovski won again, this time via split decision. There were many questions regarding the scoring of one round that could have gone either way. Holloway believes he won that fight and will stop at nothing to get his old title back.

With the win, Volkanovski (22-1) is on a nineteen fight win streak dating back to 2013. On a nine-fight win streak with the UFC, Volkanovski may not be pleased he would have to prove himself a third time.

“I’m sure Volkanovski doesn’t love that idea,” White went on to say. “He’s like, ‘Listen, I just beat this guy twice.’ And if you’re Volkanovski, you’re like guess what — the media aren’t judges. Dana White’s not a judge. None of these people are judges. The people that are assigned to judge the fight said I won twice.

“If you’re Volkanovski, I get it. If you’re Volkanovski, you probably want to take a look at a different guy. I haven’t really talked to Volkanovski about it. Something I definitely need to do, and we’ll see how this thing plays out.”

Volkanovski, who recovered from a broken hand before the fight, actually shot down a third bout with Holloway, stating it would be silly to do so.

White went on to say that if not Holloway, Volkanovski will have to wait for a division that has several matchups planned over the next few months. The champion did say he would like to fight again soon, but that may take a while if a Holloway fight is nixed.

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