Are You A Casual MMA Fan? Find Out Here

The rise of UFC in recent years has both pros and cons.

In 2020, the UFC saw a surge in streaming numbers, averaging 831,000 and peaking at 1.2 million. ESPN ranked No. 1 among cable networks in the time slot which UFC 252 took place.

“What we’re finding is that the UFC continues to grow on our platforms,” Matt Kenny, ESPN’s vice president of programming and acquisitions, previously told Yahoo Sports in August 2020.

“… We believe that fans who may not have been inclined to watch the UFC before have been exposed to it, and we believe that as we head into the fall that the UFC is going to continue to ride this wave of momentum.”

While the MMA community now has access to watching MMA juggernauts trade haymakers with each other, there’s now casual fans who lack deep insight about the sport as well as the background of most fighters.

The likes of Conor McGregor and Ronda Rousey bring a unique aura to the MMA circles.

The flamboyance in the Notorious’ demeanor often attracts more people to become a fan of the sport. After every iconic fight goes down in the UFC, a fresh bunch of fans begin debating on social media about fighters they don’t know about.

The Nurmagomedov-McGregor clash, which set a UFC record for most PPV sales, is the perfect example of this scenario. The casual fans knew nothing about the build-up to the fight nor did they know why both fighters are set to take each other’s lives in the octagon.

Similarly, the newcomers who have just started tuning in to the UFC events have no clue how big of a superstar the Notorious is. All they have seen is how he got beaten twice by Dustin Poirier, but most of the casual fans are clueless of how the Irishman turned the organization into such a huge company.

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