Ariel Helwani Aiming To Be The One To ‘Finally’ Create MMA Hall of Fame

One of the most famous MMA journalists and host of “The MMA Hour,” Ariel Helwani, thinks that MMA fighters worldwide need more appreciation, so he might be the one who will deliver it.

The UFC Hall of Fame holds events every year and awards modern and old MMA fighters with different awards. But Helwani thinks more needs to be done.

“Can we not show these people, who put this sport on the map, who built this sport, quite literally with their bare hands, can we not show them proper love and respect? Why is that so hard? Why does this sport refuse to do that? Why is there not an MMA hall of fame?” Helwani said

“…We do a pretty cr–ppy job of not celebrating the legends of this sport,” he continued.

Helwani also talked about different fighters who are not known in the modern era but have been part of the foundation of the sport.

For instance, Fedor Emelianenko has never been in the UFC – MMA’s largest promotion — but he is one of the best heavyweights. Still, new fans aren’t always aware of this.

“I feel like this will be my legacy in this sport. I’ll be the one to finally do this,” Helwani added.

“There’s a boxing hall of fame, why isn’t there an MMA hall of fame?!”

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