Ariel Helwani Sweeps Dana White, Paddy Pimblett ‘Insulting Remarks’ Under Rug

Helwani has more than 16 years of experience.

Ariel Helwani has had enough of derogatory remarks from UFC president Dana White and Paddy Pimblett pointing towards him as the journalist comes up with receipts, unfurling the double-faceted personality of the duo.

Helwani is one of the esteemed MMA journalists having experience of more than 16 years on his back, has often found himself in line with the backlash coming from the fighters’ side.

Helwani and White’s tussle is no longer concealed in the media stream with the UFC president often lambasting the journalist’s credibility with unflattering labels. And to add insult to this injury, the upcoming bantamweight sensation, Paddy Pimblett has also jumped on the Bandwagon of accusing Helwani as a fake journalist.

Pimblett was straight as an arrow labelling Helwani artificial, claiming that he is profiting off of fighters without paying them for interviews.

To these allegations, Helwani responded on his podcast show with a long list of receipts which disproves all of Pimblett’s charges.

Helwani argued that White’s remarks about him don’t affect him anymore but he did come up with a justification which proved that the Liverpool native was being untruthful here.

Helwani even shared an audio message that was allegedly from Pimblett himself that Helwani said was from October 2021. The audio message confirmed that it was Pimblett who approached Helwani to get himself interviewed by the latter.

“Yo, yo, the big fella. What’s going down, Ariel? Just thought to let you know, lad, if you want to say hi or do anything with me, man, I’ll be in NYC in November. I think I’m gonna be there from the 3rd to the 6th, and then I’ll be coming back again on the 17th or the 18th, and then I’ll be coming back to Liverpool on the 23rd. So I’m about in New York on two separate occasions in case you want to see your mate, you know what I’m saying?”

Helwani then busted off the claims of not paying the guests by claiming none of the top reporters in the country pay their participants as he named Joe Rogan, Oprah Winfrey, and Larry King as the notable ones practising this norm.

Helwani hasn’t taken these remarks very lightly as he issued advice of his own for the English man to finish off his retaliation.

“Don’t lie. You’re a role model to a lot of people. You put out this thing today about anti-bullying — some foundation, some charity. Feels to me there was a little bit of bullying going on in that clip.”

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