Arum: A De La Hoya-White Fight is Stupid

Top Rank CEO Bob Arum and UFC President Dana White have never been ones to exchange holiday greetings, but White’s anger is set on a different promoter.

The feud between White and Golden Boy Promotions’ Oscar De La Hoya is still going strong. While the two haven’t seen eye-to-eye for the better part of a year, things have heated up since De La Hoya’s venture into MMA with Golden Boy Promotions. The inaugural event was held back on Nov. 24 and saw 43-year-old Tito Ortiz knock out then-48-year-old Chuck Liddell in the first round.

The two have exchanged verbal warfare for weeks on end, with White criticizing De La Hoya for putting Liddell back in the cage, and De La Hoya accusing White of improperly paying fighters.

De La Hoya even took time to call out White for a boxing match on the undercard of Canelo Alvarez’s upcoming May return. Arum, who used to promote De La Hoya when he was a fighter, was appalled by the idea of such a bout.

“Isn’t that stupid? Oscar made a fool of himself,” Arum said. “He’s a boxer, poor Dana White is a talker. Oscar is a boxer. What the hell are they talking about? The dialogue they have between them is pretty good, sort of funny. But the idea that Oscar is going to fight Dana White.. or anybody else is like stupid. Dana White, he maybe doesn’t even stand a chance with me, and I’m 87-years-old. Oscar De La Hoya would destroy him.”

Original Story: Boxing Scene

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