Arum Clears Up Pacquiao Payment Issue

On Tuesday, Manny Pacquiao claimed he was going to sue his former promoter and current U.S. broadcast rights partner, Top Rank, for not paying him for the rights fees for his last fight.

In a statement to ESPN, Top Rank founder Bob Arum claimed that the issue is being handled, and that Pacquiao will be paid for the rights to his knockout victory over Lucas Matthysse for the WBA “regular” welterweight title on July 14th in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Top Rank distributed the fight per its distribution deal with ESPN, streaming the fight on ESPN+, and Pacquiao made it known on his Instagram that he had yet to be paid by his former promoters.

“Congratulations and good luck to Top Rank Boxing and ESPN on your 7-year partnership agreement,” Pacquiao wrote. “I know both of you have been very busy finalizing the deal. However, I have not received the U.S. rights payment for my July 15 fight against Lucas Matthysse that was broadcast on ESPN plus. Therefore, I am initiating legal proceedings against Top Rank and all other parties based on the non-payment and attempt to restrict my future rights. Thank you.”

Arum told ESPN it was a paperwork issue on Pacquiao’s side, claiming the Filipino Senator had not signed nore returned the proper contract for the fight. “We read the Instagram post and [Top Rank attorney] Harrison [Whitman] handled it with Pacquiao’s attorney, and it looks like everything will be resolved,” Arum said.


Initial Report: ESPN

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