Arum Doesn’t Trust U.K. Drug Testing

Following the controversy surrounding Dillian Whyte’s failed drug test last month, Bob Arum told the BBC that he wants to help fund VADA and develop a uniform standard of drug testing across the sport.

“I found VADA to be extraordinarily good at drug testing and very honest,” the 87-year-old, who has worked with the likes of Muhammad Ali, Floyd Mayweather and recently Tyson Fury, told BBC Sport. “If they took over drug testing for all of professional boxing, even if it meant putting a tax on proceeds to enhance how frequently they can test, I think that would be a very good thing.”

“The boxers shouldn’t pay for it from their pay check. The fund probably could be a tax on promoters based on gate receipts or a tax on promoters based on television revenue. It’s very do-able.

“What’s happened up to now, particularly in the US, is state commissions are all over the place,” Arum continued. ” I really think you need uniform standards and that VADA should be the be all and end all, and the testing must be random.”

“With these designer drugs, fighters can take them, then sign for a fight and in the course of a week or so, the trace of the drug disappears but the effect is there. We know all the tricks and VADA knows the tricks.”

The latest drama around testing was Dillian Whyte being cleared to fight Oscar Rivas last month for the interim WBC world heavyweight championship and the mandatory challenger role for Deontay Wilder’s undisputed title after he was found to have tested positive in his “A-sample.”

While Whyte tested positive in his test administered by U.K. Anti-Doping, Whyte passed all VADA tests administered from April 26th-July 21st.

The British boxer was cleared to compete on the day of the fight by an independent panel, while Rivas and his team had not been made aware by UKAD or the British Boxing Board of Control or even Eddie Hearn, who promotes Whyte.

“Ordinarily I wouldn’t be concerned but ask me if I am and damn right I am because I don’t trust the British board,” Arum said of the situation. “Commissions, whether it is in the US, or the British Boxing Board of Control – who in this area look totally inept – I think it would be a good thing to have an internationally recognized body taking over the testing problem.

“I was very upset with what I read with the Whyte situation. What made me upset was not the ultimate decision to let him fight but the fact that the opponent was never given any notice that Whyte had tested positive at least in his ‘A’ sample. That was absolutely wrong.”

“You don’t do that to an opponent, the 87-year-old promoter stated. “Whoever handled this made a terrible, terrible mistake. This is a serious business – guys can get hurt. Give the fighter notice and let him also be in on the decision.”

“Boxing needs a standard on drug testing. It has to be addressed right away, as early as next week. This is a serious, serious problem.”

Report BBC Sport

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