Arum On Why Crawford-Khan Is On PPV

When it comes to boxing on Pay-Per-View, Bob Arum feels he knows a few things about picking whcih fights fans would pay for.

In a new interview, Arum broke down why it was important to put Terence Crawford’s welterweight world title defense against Amir Khan on Pay-Per-View.

“It’s the matchup that warrants the pay-per-view,” Arum said of the April 20th fight from Madison Square Garden. “It’s also because it’s such a big fight, that this is professional boxing, and the fighters have to be compensated because it’s such a big fight. And therefore, you cannot rely on a network to constantly come up with big, big money as a rights fee. So, if the fight is big enough, you have to then go to the public and say to the public, ‘Hey, this is a terrific fight. You have to support the fight.’ Now, sometimes the public says no. But if we have confidence in the event, they’ll say yes. So that’s really what it’s about.

“We can stop playing the games of whether a fight should be pay-per-view or shouldn’t be pay-per-view. The first question, is it a really good matchup, really an interesting event? And then, secondly, is it affordable on regular television? Can a rights fee support the fight? And in this case, we have a splendid event and we have fighters who have to be and should be compensated for their performances. And therefore, you go to pay-per-view. That is the mindset. Everything else is noise.”

One reason for the pivot to Pay-Per-View could be the alleged $5 million dollars that Khan is making for the world title challenge, a similar price to what was offered for Khan to face fellow Brit, Kell Brook.

While Khan was the final choice, Top Rank initially looked at former WBA welterweight champion Luis Collazo to fight Crawford, but would be cancelled after Crawford wanted a bigger name opponent.

That name was almost Danny Garcia, but per Boxing Scene Garcia’s trainer, Angel Garcia, never responded to the offer from Top Rank.

Report: Boxing Scene

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