Arum Reveals Fury’s $100m Payday For Usyk Fight & Hearn Leaks Rematch Rumor

Tyson Fury, the WBC heavyweight champion, is expected to make over $100 million for fighting Oleksandr Usyk, as per Bob Arum.

The Gypsy King finally signed a deal to face Usyk, which will give fans an opportunity to have an undisputed champion since Lennox Lewis beat Evander Holyfield in 1999. And given that Fury revealed that his motivation was to make the fights which generated the most money, a Usyk fight has now satisfied those requirements. The fight will earn Fury the highest payday of his career.

“Tyson has to take care of business on October 28, when he fights Ngannou, and then we’re off to the races with the unified heavyweight championship. If you told Tyson Fury he’s set to make a$100 million, he’d really get p***ed off because he thinks, and I think he’s right, that he’s going to make a lot more. I don’t know the number … but it’s a lot more than $100 million,” Arum stated

In response to those comments, other reports have stressed that the Gypsy King will make close to $200 million for the Usyk fight. While those figures are rough estimates, the numbers explained the difficulties in getting the fight made since only Saudi Arabia could put up those numbers.

Those comments fit in line with Fury’s recent goals that he had revealed. The Gypsy King aimed to secure the biggest purses, which would allow him to top Forbes magazine. This was in addition to him wanting to make a Hollywood movie. And Fury’s payday has allowed him to secure his legacy and financial future given that those previous figures are without taking into account his payday from the Francis Ngannou fight which is allegedly $50 million.

“I’ve got new goals – I want to top the Forbes list for the highest-paid athlete for the year, and I want to make a Hollywood movie. I’ve completed the game in the ring – it’s done. I’ve done everything there is to do and won every belt there is to win,” Fury said

That payday could be justified in light of Eddie Hearn’s recent revelations. The Matchroom Boxing promoter has confirmed that he has reasons to believe there is a two-way rematch clause. The initial breakdown in talks over the fight being at Wembley in April was due to the rematch split. Usyk wanted a 70-30 split for the winner, while Fury favoured 50-50. Although there is no official confirmation of a fight date, venue, or the terms of the contract, the noise coming from Hearn is that there may be two fights coming.

“I’ve heard that there’s a rematch clause whatever happens. It’s great for boxing, I hope it happens,” Hearn

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