Askren Uploads Run-in with Masvidal

Ben Askren and Jorge Masvidal have been trading verbal barbs with one another, and new video footage appears to show a confrontation between the two at a hotel.

During UFC 239 Ultimate Media Day, Masvidal claimed that not only could he not wait to punch Askren’s face in during their fight, but that Askren “froze” during a run-in between the two that took place earlier.

As it just so happened, Askren’s team was there filming for his vlog and happened to capture the encounter on film. Askren uploaded the footage that day. While Masvidal is doing much of the verbal taunting, Askren appears calm on the surface in the clip.

The two meet as part of the pay-per-view main card of UFC 239 prior to the event’s two title fights.

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