Aspen Ladd Lashes Out On Miesha Tate, Looking Forward To ‘Hit Her’

It is true that Aspen Ladd (9-2) cannot wait to see Miesha Tate (19-8) soon. Their rivalry didn’t start in the best of terms when Tate had a go at the American’s boyfriend and coach, Jim West.

Apparently, Tate didn’t like the way West shouted at Ladd during the Norma Durmont fight.

According to Ladd’s camp, West’s intentions was to get the 27-year-old going as she was losing for most of the fight. He wanted to ensure that his girlfriend created some momentum in the fifth round at all costs.

However, Tate completely denies the idea and feels that she’s in an abusive argument with Ladd’s coach.

Now, Ladd cannot wait to get her hands on the 35-year-old, claiming that she would fight her “for free.”
“I just wanted to hit her and my intentions haven’t changed. However, that’s not my future right now. I have a different battle to look forward to, but they don’t need to pay me for the fight necessarily,” Ladd stated.

Ladd already has a fight against Irene Aidana at UFC 273, as she looks to put the Durmont defeat behind her. The fight against Tate can wait for a while.

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