Atlas: Judges Got It Right With Charlo-Harrison

Although many believed that the scorecards for Tony Harrison’s win over Jermell Charlo were incorrect, Teddy Atlas is not one of them.

The longtime boxing trainer and broadcaster said the judges actually got it right when the two fought for the WBC junior middleweight title on December 22. Harrison would win the fight by unanimous decision and capture his first title. 

Atlas, who had been vocal when it comes to criticizing boxing judges, said he wants to finally go on the record and give credit where he believes is due.

“Over the years I’ve used my podium at ESPN to knock the crap out of judges for being either incompetent or corrupt…. for chasing you guys away with bad decisions in a sport that you guys love and I love,” Atlas said. “I think I need to be consistent, I think I need to do the right thing right here. I need to go to the defense I think, of the judges who said that Tony Harrison beat Charlo the other night. I know it’s not going to be favorable and its not going to be popular, but I think its the right thing, at least in my estimation, just like it was when I knocking them in the past for getting it wrong.”

Atlas added that Charlo may have been the more aggressive fighter, but didn’t necessarily land the cleaner punches in the fight 

“[But] they got it right. What is the criteria for boxing? I know it’s subjective, but what is it supposed to be… who lands the cleaner punches. It’s not just about who’s aggressive, its about who lands the cleaner punches, who controls the fight. Turn the sound off, look at it, and if they are right give them credit for being right.”

Quotes From: Boxing Scene

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