Australian Fans Unhappy With Hasbulla

The viral teen sensation Hasbulla Magomedov has millions of fans across different social media platforms but it seems like he has upset some of his fans from Australia.

After gaining immense popularity on the internet, Hasbulla collaborated with different event companies to make international tours. And to kick off things, the 19-year-old visited the Australian cities of Sydney and Melbourne for a tour with The Hour Group event company.

The event comprised of meet and greet opportunities along with a professional photo with the star and a tour merchandise pack. A single ticket cost between $250-$299.

However, things didn’t go to plan as the management had to cancel one of his dates in Sydney. Later, it was found out that Hasbulla was busy taking part in “lightning-speed” meet-and-greet sessions.

Fans had to leave the occasion iron hearted after it was announced that the social media personality will be unable to attend the event. Many of his fans in attendance accused Hasbulla of taking advantage of them as he failed to fulfill his commitments.

“I was expecting at least a minute, or a couple of minutes where we have some sort of conversation or interaction with Hasbulla,” one fan who attended Hasbulla’s Sydney event at Le Montage told Junkee. “You know, even in the promotion videos, they said, ‘we’re gonna punch you, kick you’ like in the cute way that Hasbulla does it.

“But unfortunately, there was nothing essentially. You walk up to stage, it’s maximum about thirty seconds, and you just walk off,” he added.

While on other dates, there were also reports of similar discrepancies as attendees cited that they weren’t allowed to take their own photos and were only given one professional picture regardless of how it turned out.

Hasbulla signed a five-year deal with the UFC to help promote upcoming fights and events after rising to fame on social media with several celebrities.

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