Autumn Grand Basho Crown Up For Grabs

After a stellar start to the tournament, Terunofuji has stumbled at the Autumn Grand Sumo Tournament.

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Kisensato sent Terunofuji to his second consecutive defeat on Friday to open the title race with just two days remaining at the Autumn Grand Sumo Tournamet.

Kakuryu didn’t miss the opportunity to take advantage of Terunofuji’s slip as he defeated Goedio to tie Teurnofuji’s mark at 11-2.

Kisenosato and 12th-ranked maegashira Ikioi are both just one win back at 10-3.

After his defeat at the hands of Tochiozan on Thursday it appeared that Terunofuji was having issues with his right knee as he hobbled off the ring with a wheel chair in close pursuit.

[Japan Times]

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