Hari With Big Announcement At Collision 4

After His Trilogy Fight Against Overeem Badr Took To The Microphone

Collision 4 Collage
Collage courtesy of Middle Easy.


Badr Hari lost a unanimous decision to Alistair “The Demolition Man” Overeem. Immediately after the fight turmoil broke out in the ring as Overeem called out current Glory Kickboxing Heavyweight champion Rico Verhoeven: Overeem didn’t know the champ was present, but Verhoeven proceeded to enter the ring, and the two fighters got into a bit of a quarrel.

But it was Hari who calmed things down by talking sense to his two colleagues, and he immediately grabbed the microphone after things had calmed down to announce that he is retiring from Kickboxing.


Hari announcing his retirement
Hari announcing his retirement whilst Overeem and champion Verhoeven argues. Picture courtesy of Glory Kickboxing.
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