BBBofC Denies Benn’s Application To Fight Eubank Jr. In The UK

Conor Benn’s application to fight Chris Eubank Jr. on February 3rd, 2024, in the UK has been rejected by the British Boxing Board of Control.

The two boxers had agreed to fight each other at a catchweight of 157 pounds in what would have been a mega-domestic clash. However, the British Boxing Board of Control refused to sanction the fight after Benn failed two VADA tests for Clomiphene. As a result, Benn was suspended by UKAD, while an investigation was conducted. Thereafter, the National Anti-Doping Agency removed the suspension as Benn returned to face Rodolfo Orozco in Florida. However, the boxer was not entitled to fight in the UK after he had given up his license. In addition, reports suggested that his defense was based on jurisdiction as UKAD could not enforce VADA rulings. Therefore, UKAD and the British Boxing Board of Control indicated their desire to appeal the suspension being removed. And in the meantime, they will not sanction a fight until that appeal is done.


“The Board feel that any athlete, not just a boxer, but any athlete who has failed a drugs test needs to go through an investigation with the proper authorities and that hasn’t happened. We’re waiting for that to happen and the Boxing Board and UKAD have been pushing for that to happen right from the beginning of this and unfortunately it’s been delayed, not through the Boxing Board of Control or UKAD, but through other parties.

“With regard to Mr. Benn boxing in this country, we have had an application for him to box in this country, that has been refused. They can put out what they want ultimately, but they haven’t been through the proper authorities and as I said before we’re really keen to get this done right from the beginning,” Robert Smith (Head of the British Boxing Board of Control)

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