MVP Calls Bull on Gonzalez

Bellator officials held a conference call today for members of the media in order to further promote the upcoming fight card.  The event will take place November 19, at the SAP Center in San Jose, California.  President Scott Coker was not on the call but the main event and co-main event fighters were on, answering questions.

Benson Henderson, Lightweight world title holder Michael Chandler, Fernando Gonzalez and Michael "Venom" Page were on the conference call.  The common theme of the conference call seemed to be members of the media asking the fighters if they are looking to move between weight classes and challenging for multiple belts.  Cleary still hungover from UFC 205 and witnessing history, the media seems to think that just about anyone can bounce around weight classes and become a multiple weight class world champion.

The best response to the multiple weight class question came from Bellator Lightweight Champion Michael Chandler, "

I haven’t put a lot of thought into it. For me, I’m just looking for the biggest fight I can get. I know there’s no way I could make 145 lbs., since I walk around at about 190 lbs., between fights. So, I’m not interested in losing the muscle mass that I’ve worked so hard to build. If anything, I would jump up to 170 lbs., but right now I’m focused on my fight this Saturday night and I’m excited to get out there and perform."

The conference call was pretty low key neither fighter made any brazen comments towards their opponent but there was an amusing exchange between Ganzalez and Page.

Q:For Fernando…question regarding the video packages that Michael Page has produced and released this year, most recently during Halloween. Did you watch them and what was your reaction to the video packages?

Fernando Gonzalez: I watched both of the videos and thought it was kind of funny, especially the last one. Bad choice of food products I guess. He’s basically eating balls and drinking milk, while cupping and savoring the taste. So, I don’t know if I should take that as a call out, but I think the victory alone will be enough for me.

Q: With Michael (Page) on the line right now, does Fernando have any sort of message for him leading up to the fight?

Fernando Gonzalez: It’s the same message that I gave before. Just show up. I respect the fighter, but after this he’ll congratulate me and thank me for making him a better fighter. He’s tough, but he hasn’t been tested and I’m going to give him his first loss.

Q: Michael do you have a response to that?

MVP: I’m allergic to bullshit, so there’s no point in responding.

Michael "Venom" Page is the most compelling reason to watch Bellator 165, he is arguably the most dynamic fighter on the Bellator roster and his unpredictable flashy style of fighting is capable of delivering the knockout of the night.

Full Conference Call Edition:

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