Bellator 287: Mansour Barnoui Taps Out Adam Piccolotti

The headlining fight was held in the lightweight division between one of the most dangerous fighters on the roster, Mansour Barnaoui, and Adam Piccolotti.

The fight started very aggressively from the very first seconds. Adam shot for a takedown and tried to control the French fighter on the ground. However, Mansour answered well and sweep him.

American fighter was attempting triangle and omoplatasubmissions. However, they were all done perfectly, but in the second half of the first round, the French fighter locked the body triangle from the back position and controlled his rival for the whole round.

As soon as the French fighter realized he finished the round with advantages on the ground, he was the one who shoot for a takedown this time. However, the attempt was not the best, so the American easily defended himself, and moreover, he ended up on the top.

Piccolotti’s control was not the best because when he had a half-guard position and was trying to move on the top mount, a French fighter trapped one of the American fighter’s lag and attacked the back mount again.

Several seconds later, Barnaoui locked the body triangle and started working again. 2 minutes before the second round bell, Barnaoui locked the rear-naked choke and made American tap.

Check out the rest of the results down below:


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