Bellew Considering Retirement

In the afterglow of his fifth round stoppage of David Haye, even though he’s called out both Andre Ward and Tyson Fury, Tony Bellew has hinted towards retirement.

“It will take something absolutely ridiculous to make me do it again,” Bellew told Sky Sports News on Sunday.

“Something huge. It would have to be massive because I’m happy with what I’ve done. I’ve proven everyone wrong.

“I’ve been the biggest dreamer for my whole life – I said I’d fight at Goodison Park, I said I’d be amateur champion after two fights. But it’s another thing to really believe it. I stuck by my dream and it’s got me to here.”

The 35 year old fighter is looking at major names as the only reason to return to the ring, including Tyson Fury who Bellew claims he can knock out.

When asked about a fight with former WBO world heavyweight champion Joseph Parker, Bellew claimed he would have done it while Parker was champion, but that there’s no point after his March loss to Anthony Joshua.

Bellew, also believes that he can beat Andre Ward, even though  he thinks, “People will laugh at me and say ‘no chance’. But the monster, David Haye, with the big muscles was supposed to knock me out and it didn’t work out. The fat kid looked the stronger man. I bullied him. I physically manhandled him.”

In regards to the “monster” David Haye’s future, Bellew believes its time for the 37 year old to hang it up.

“I hope he stops now. Father Time is undefeated and Haye is not the man to beat him, Bellew told SKY Sports on Sunday.

“I said that I’d do him faster [than the first fight]. I knew Haye would come to get rid of me but, in a boxing match, I knew I’d do him.”

Original Story: Sky Sports


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