Bellew: Experience Is Edge Against Usyk

In his latest column for BBC Sport, Tony Bellew made it clear that he’s taking a potential fight with Oleksandr Usyk seriously.

While he would be considered an underdog against the undefeated undipsuted cruiserweight champion, Bellew is undettered.

“When we get down to it, I’ll be in the ring with a phenomenal boxer, a man who has brought the amateur style that won him Olympic gold into the professional arena,” Bellew wrote in his BBC Sport column.

“But make no mistake, I will not stand in awe or admire him from afar. I will push him to the absolute limits and let’s see what he’s got. Let’s see what he’s like when it’s really hard.

Bellew points out that his experience will be the edge against the younger champion. “I’ve been down, got off the floor, overcome major cuts in fights,” Bellew wrote this week. “I’ve experienced everything in this game and I don’t believe he has.

“But I have that one-punch power that he doesn’t. I can iron this fella out with one punch. It takes one movement, one mistake, sucking him in for one second and I will put him out.”

Initial Report: BBC Sport

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