Bellew: I’d Knock Stevenson Out At Cruiserweight

With Adonis Stevenson’s next title defense a few days away, former opponent Tony Bellew thinks he could knockout “Superman,” but demands the fight be done at cruiserweight.

Bellew, who lost to Stevenson in 2013, wants revenge, but feels like he’d be unable to it at the 175 pound light heavyweight limit.

“If he says he’ll do it at catchweight, he’s just trying to drag me back down in weight again, isn’t he?” Bellew exclusively told Sky Sports.

“But of course it’s interesting, I’d love to spank him. I look at him as the only man who ever truly defeated me… Part of me still goes back to being in Canada and I always wanted to be a two-weight world champion.”

The loss obviously still haunts Bellew, but knows the limits of his body. knowing that Stevenson would have to move up to make the fight a reality.

Stevenson has never fought above 175 pounds, but Bellew feels like Stevenson could manage the gain. Bellew also thinks he could keep himself under 200 pounds..

“I’d probably say 195lbs, five pounds under the cruiserweight limit, is the lowest I can go,” he said.

“He easily makes 175lbs, so I think he’s talking about 185 to 190lbs, which i just can’t do. We could if we did the re-hydration routine, but he’s just probably trying to have everything in his favor.”

Original Story: SKY Sports

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