Bellew: I’ll Make Haye Quit

On March 4, Tony Bellew and David Haye will fight in a true heavyweight grudge match at the 02 Arena. Bellew is moving up from cruiserweight to take on Haye and it is unclear whether he will be able to handle the bigger Haye’s power. Bellew, however, believes that he will be able to make his rival give up in the later rounds of the fight.

Speaking with Sky Sports, the WBC cruiserweight champion believes he has a big advantage in terms of mental fortitude in the ring.

"What I will tell you is, if this fight goes past four rounds, he’s going to quit," Bellew said.

"At some stage, it will get too hard and he will quit. He hasn’t got the fight in him anymore."

Bellew is determined to earn more than just bragging rights over his longtime enemy Haye. With a victory, he will look to cement himself as a true threat to the elites of the heavyweight division.

"I love fighting. I am not 100 percent in the head, I enjoy having a fight. We will see on March 4, where it happens, when it happens, but I must stress when I knock out David Haye on March 4 – I am then the best heavyweight in the world outside of them champions.

Just let that sink in and think about where do I go from there."

While Bellew has been disparaging Haye with every chance that he gets, he does acknowledge that he is facing the highest caliber heavyweight possible outside of the top belt-holders. He knows the dangers that will present himself in such a fight, but he believes he has something Haye does not: the will to get up when knocked down.

"I do believe this fight could be a four-round shootout and I am under no illusions if he catches me clean in the first four rounds I am going to have to get off the floor to win, but make no mistake he’s going to have to do the same thing.

"The big difference between me and him, he hasn’t got it in him to get off the floor."

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