Benavidez Sr. Hits Out At Canelo For Avoiding His Son

Jose Benavidez Sr. has been angered by Canelo Alvarez’s reluctance to fight David Benavidez

Benavidez is the current WBC Interim Champion at super middleweight following his victory over Demetrius Andrade. That has kept hopes alive of an all-Mexican clash on Cinco De Mayo Weekend or Mexican Independence Day. Alvarez, however, has remained coy over his next fight. He branded himself as the ‘King’ when recently asked about the Benavidez fight, doubling down on his belief that he can pick and choose the fights he wants. Alternatives to Benavidez have been mentioned. 

Jermall Charlo and Jaime Munguia are the two leading names. The Charlo fight was first entertained before Alvarez faced Jermell Charlo. But Jermall’s absence from the sport for over two years due to mental health struggles prevented that from happening. Munguia has worked himself into a position as a possible opponent, having had two fights at 168. He remains undefeated with a record of 42-0, which includes 33 wins. But Benavidez Sr. saw these links as an attempt for Canelo to distance himself from his son. 

“I don’t think it’ll happen. Canelo doesn’t want anything to do with David [Benavidez]. He comes with the excuses all the time. He wants to fight Munguia. He wants to fight [Jermall] Charlo. He says David has fought nobody. Those are just excuses because he doesn’t want to fight him. He and his team will do anything to stay away from David. Now, you’ve seen.

“He said he’s the King, and he’ll do whatever he wants. He’ll do whatever he wants to with the commission. I’m just praying that the commission will be fair to everybody. David is the mandatory [with the WBC]. They’re supposed to strip him in March if he doesn’t get the fight with David. There’s nothing I can do,” Benavidez Sr. said 

Christian Mbilli and Jermall Charlo have been named as alternatives if the Canelo fight fails to materialize. After stopping Rohan Murdock in his last fight, Mbilli described himself as the ‘future’ of the 168-pound division. With a record of 26-0 with 22 KOs, he is being mentioned after he called out Canelo Alvarez. Jermall Charlo may be a big name commercially, but the WBC Middleweight Champion has yet to fight at 168, making Benavidez a heavy favorite. But without Canelo at the table, alternatives have to be considered. 

“I would love to fight Jermall Charlo, but come on, David would stop him. With the performance I seen with my other son, Jose Benavidez Jr., he would destroy him. I don’t think it would be a fair fight for an exciting fight. We want to give fans good fights, hard fights, and I don’t think fans would be happy with that either.

“The other one is Morrell, and the guy [Christian Mbilli]. He looked spectacular. He’s ranked #2. The guy is a monster. He’s an animal, too. He has 25 fights and is undefeated. He looked great. That’s another guy that we would love to fight. That’s a dangerous fighter right there,” Benavidez Sr. stated

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