Bennett Claims Money Won’t Influence Canelo Decision

In a report published on Thursday, the Nevada Athletic Commission has filed an official complaint against Canelo Alvarez, stemming from his two positive tests for the drug, clenbuterol.

Now, in a report from Boxing Scene, Bob Bennett, the executive director of the governing body, claims that the money that would be gained from allowing Alvarez to fight Gennady Golovkin is not a factor in the ruling. Especially with the NSAC committed to stay firm with the regulations put into place in September 2016.

“Since Anthony Marnell has been at the helm [as NSAC Chairman], he’s been following our regulations.. NAC 467, the ones that were effective on September 9 2016, and we are following them to the letter of the law… we are just being consistent with other unarmed combatants who have tested positive for PEDs – regardless of the amount of money involved or the economic impact – we are not going to be swayed by that, we are going to stick to what our regulations state and that’s what the fighters can expect from us,” Bennett said


Original Story: Boxing Scene

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