Benson Henderson Retires from MMA: A Look Back at the Career of a Champion

Benson Henderson, the former WEC and UFC champion, has announced his retirement from mixed martial arts after his recent loss to Usman Nurmagomedov in the Bellator Lightweight World Grand Prix. The event featured eight top fighters, including “Smooth,” who faced Nurmagomedov in a quarterfinal bout that ended in a first-round submission.

The highly anticipated showdown between Henderson and Nurmagomedov was over in a flash. The current Bellator lightweight champion delivered a devastating head kick that sent Henderson to the mat, followed by a relentless barrage of punches and a rear-naked choke that forced the submission.

For MMA fans in America, this was a shocking end to the career of one of the sport’s most accomplished fighters. Henderson’s retirement marks the end of an era, and his legacy will continue to inspire future generations of fighters. Despite the disappointment of his final fight, Henderson’s contributions to the sport will always be remembered and celebrated.

“To the whole world, thank you guys for all the love [and] all the support throughout my career,” said Henderson in his post-fight interview with ‘Big’ John McCarthy. “These last four fights I signed with Bellator, I told myself that if I lose at all in these last four fights, then it’s about that time. I’ve had a nice, long run. I’ve done a lot of great things and was able to do a lot of amazing accomplishments, and thank you to everybody around the world. Thank you guys for your love and support, I appreciate that.”

Benson Henderson’s professional career is a testament to his incredible talent and perseverance. The 39-year-old has defeated some of the biggest names in MMA, including Nate Diaz, Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone, Jim Miller, Clay Guida, and Frankie Edgar. He has been a champion in multiple competitions, including the UFC and WEC.

After his time with the UFC, Henderson moved to Bellator, where he competed in two weight classes and achieved a respectable 7-7 record. Throughout his career, he has been known for his impressive grappling skills and his ability to finish fights with submissions.

Despite his retirement from MMA, Henderson has no plans to slow down. He has pledged to support his wife Maria as she pursues her own professional career, and he remains an active member of the MMA community. For fans of the sport, Henderson’s retirement marks the end of an era, but his legacy will live on as a source of inspiration for future fighters.

“It is my wife’s turn to shine — her turn to practice three, four times a day and get after it,” said Henderson at his post-fight press conference (video provided by MMA Junkie). “I’ll leave that to her, and I’ll be doing the majority of taking care of the kids. But I’ll still be in the gym, still helping out with my team, and, of course, helping my wife out.”

Henderson has a 30-12 overall record in the sport.

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