Bernard Hopkins: Canelo Walked GGG Down

Bernard Hopkins had no problem being biased heading into Canelo Alvarez’ rematch with Gennady s no problem admitting he is biased in this instance.

“Two weeks ago, I told you that when two fighters are as evenly matched as Canelo and Triple-G,” Hopkins told Jim Lampey.

“It will come down to who was able to learn the most from the first fight,” Hopkins said. “And well, I was right. For his part, Gennady Golovkin did start faster than in the first matchup. He established his jab from the first bell and took the opening round on all three scorecards. In fact, he out-worked Canelo on the jab all night and landed more punches overall.”

While Golovkin would earn a slight advantage in overall punches landed (234-of-879 to 202-of-622), Golovkin would throw more jabs (118-of-547 to 59-of-256) and Alvarez would land more power shots (143-of-366 to 116-of-332).

“The thing is, fights are not judged on volume alone,” Hopkins explained. “To understand the outcome of this fight is to understand the minds of the judges. Judges like to reward the aggressor and Canelo Alvarez used this fight as an opportunity to flip the script on Triple-G. He controlled the center of the ring, walked him down and dictated the pace of the action. Canelo forced Triple-G to fight off his back foot. And since Gennady is not a natural counter-puncher, he was never really able to settle down into the role of the matador.

“Judges also like variety. Once again, Gennady ignored the body. But Canelo went there often, punishing his opponent when he did. And Canelo kept Triple-G guessing with a diverse attack. While Golovkin’s jab set the pace throughout, judges and fans like flashy power punches. When the rounds are razor close, it’s the eye-catching shots that win the day. And when the fight comes down to one round in the difference of the scores, that can be powerful. When it came down to it, Canelo’s game plan was better than his opponent. And he did what he had to do to get the decision. But I’m not convinced he did enough to end the debate. Count me amongst those that want to see the top two middleweights do it one more time.”

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