Berto Announces Guerrero Rematch On The Benavidez Vs. Andrade Card

Andre Berto has confirmed that he will make a return to boxing to face Robert Guerrero on the undercard of David Benavidez vs. Demetrius Andrade

The pair first faced each other in 2012 as Guerrero came out victorious to win via a unanimous decision. Thereafter, Berto has not boxed since his split-decision win over Devon Alexander in 2018. However, the boxer did have the opportunity to face Floyd Mayweather following the latter’s win over Manny Pacquiao. Berto ultimately would come up short like many other boxers had done. 

Meanwhile, Guerrero walked away from the sport after beating Victor Ortiz in 2021 via a unanimous decision. And just like Berto, Guerrero failed to give Mayweather the first defeat of his career after losing via a unanimous decision. But given that both fighters are now aged 40, it was surprising to see the pair return to the sport. However, the prospect of writing the wrong over that defeat has been enough for Berto to take on the challenge. 

“Of course a lot of people don’t know I’m in camp. I haven’t announced yet so this is the exclusive. November 25th, me and Robert Guerrero. Of course my team, they’ve been trying to get me in for the last few years for at least one more so I can finish off how I want to finish off, because the last one I was getting ready for I got hurt. But they knew it had to be something to excite me because I been in the game now for a nice bit.

“They know I’ve always wanted to get back at the people that I took a loss to that I know I probably shouldn’t have. We got a chance to get back at Ortiz like I wanted to…they ended up making this happen for me. So this is something that I definitely wanted to get back before I left the game,” Berto


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