Berto: Floyd’s Legacy Hurt If He’s KO’ed In Japan

Tenshin Nasukawa has one thought in mind heading into his New Year’s Eve exhibition, knock out Floyd Mayweather.

When asked about Mayweather’s chances against the undefeated 20-year-old at RIZIN 14 on December 31st, Andre Berto feels Nasukawa has a shot to drop the undefeated boxer.

The fight between Nasukawa and Mayweather is scheduled for three rounds, and limited to traditional boxing rules, limiting the kickboxer/MMA fighter from utilizing his powerful kicks. While there will be no judges or announced winner, either fighter could be knocked out.

“It would tarnish it for sure. You cant be 50-0 fighting some of the best fighters in the world then get knocked out by some kid,” Berto told TMZ Sports.

“Go in there and try to knock his head off, and if you throw a kick … f*** it,” Berto said of Nasukawa looking to finish Mayweather, who he lost to in 2015.

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