‘Bigfoot’ Silva’s Manager Did Not Want Verhoeven

Former UFC heavyweight fighter Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva will make his GLORY Kickboxing debut on Oct. 14 in China at GLORY 46, when he faces GLORY heavyweight champion Rico Verhoeven.

While the fight sounds interesting on paper, with the concept of an MMA fighter stepping into kickboxing to face one of GLORY’s best (a similar concept of a certain boxing match happening on Aug. 26), it may be one where Silva enters with a bad disadvantage.

The 28-year-old GLORY heavyweight champion has been competing in kickboxing for about 13 years, with a record of 51-10 and going unbeaten for the past two-and-a-half years. Verhoeven also has competed in one boxing match and one MMA bout, winning both.

The 37-year-old Silva, on the other hand, has lost his last five professional MMA bouts in a row, four of them by KO/TKO. Silva’s last win came at UFC 190 back on Aug. 1, 2015, when he defeated Soa Palelei by TKO.

“Obviously, it’s not a good fight for ‘Bigfoot,'” Alex Davis, Silva’s longtime manager, admitted. “Jumping right into [GLORY] to go against the current champ, who’s a murderer? Yeah, we get it.”

Davis also stated that there are concerns about Silva fighting. Silva suffers from hormonal disorder acromegaly, which usually results in enlarged hands and feet. But even if it wasn’t okay for ‘Bigfoot’ to compete in an MMA cage or kickboxing ring, Silva is in a need for money.

“He can’t turn down fights at the moment for that reason,” Davis said. “If it was up to me, he would not take this fight. But at the end of the day, my job is to inform him, give him my advice, and the one who has to make the final decision is him.

“I’ll be very sincere and tell you, I can’t defend a man from himself. If he fights and doesn’t manage his money, he’ll go looking for the next fight. This is a very common problem with many fighters, not just ‘Bigfoot.’

Davis said Silva has undergone brain tests in Las Vegas, however, and everything seems to be fine.

“He has no brain damage,” Davis added. “We’ve done extensive research and testing, even before he left the UFC. So he’s OK on that end.”

Original story: Bloody Elbow

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