Bill Haney Claps Back At De La Hoya’s Claim About His Son’s Stardom

Bill Haney has responded to Oscar De La Hoya’s claim that his son Devin Haney is not a big star. 

De La Hoya’s comments were in response to Haney’s undefeated record getting reinstated following Ryan Garcia’s one-year ban after testing positive for Ostarine. Haney is suing Garcia for potential loss of earnings. He argues his brand has been damaged, as his purse bid for the Sandor Martin fight only drew in one bidder: Top Rank at $2.42 million.

Haney vacated as he became a ‘Champion in Recess’ at 140. While Haney wants a rematch with Garcia, he has accused De La Hoya of not paying him. The promoter responded by stating Haney does not sell and asked him to audit his company to prove any wrongdoing. 

“Devin Haney, you’re pathetic. You’re dancing around at a bowling alley because you got your decision reversed.  Nobody is going to forget that beating you took. Oh, and let’s not forget. You’re accusing me of not paying you. Bro, you just do not sell. That’s the bottom line. You can audit my company anytime you want. I pay every fighter, and I’m pretty sure you got that from Canelo from what he started,” De La Hoya said

Haney’s previous fight before Garcia was against Regis Prograis. It only sold a reported 50,000 PPVs. Although the WBC Junior Welterweight Title was up for grabs, the numbers were low. Haney did sell out the arena. However, he was fighting in his San Francisco Bay Area hometown. Garcia’s social media following for the Haney fight was a large part of what made it sell over 500,000 PPVs. Garcia’s prior fight with Gervonta Davis also did over 1.2 million PPV buys. And yet, Bill defended his son’s brand, saying he continues to sell out.

“We hear Oscar De La Hoya say something about we don’t sell. The last time I checked, I don’t know how many arenas. When we looked at the Barclays [in Brooklyn, New York], there were a lot of brothers up in there. There were a lot of people that look like us that was up in there that came out to support. We did the Bay Area [San Francisco, California] and Las Vegas, Australia. So, that narrative [by De La Hoya], coming out, saying that we don’t sell. That’s some…[rubbish] Do you know what I mean? Any of the narratives that are pushing fake narratives are only pushing boxing back but not forwards, but we’re here to stay. If I knew the move that Dev was going to do next, it wouldn’t be my job to announce it,” Haney stated 

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