Bill Haney Responds To Shakur By Leaking Sparring Clip Of Him With Haney

Bill Haney has hit back at Shakur Stevenson’s social media post in which he implied that his son, Devin Haney, had ducked him. 

Stevenson’s war of words came in the aftermath of a heated exchange on social media with Devin. The following clip shows Bill Haney discussing his son and the plan on going up to junior welterweight if things had gotten too ‘hot’ at 135. Therefore, the implication was that Stevenson may pose a lot of problems. 

“If it’s too hot at 30, we’ll go to 40,” Bill Haney said

And given that Devin has been receiving a lot of criticism for not fighting Shakur, his previous conduct towards the star had been questioned. The 25 percent offer to fight Shakur was now being viewed as a way to lowball Shakur and avoid the fight. With that being said, Bill responded with his very own video to shut down Shakur. 

The footage allegedly shows the aftermath of a sparring session between Devin and Shakur. Bill states “let’s box,” to which Stevenson replied: “I’m tired.”

Clearly, this was an attempt to divert the negative attention away from Devin. But aside from that, Bill had a few choice words to say about Shakur’s conduct too. 

“Are they wearing wires? What’s going on?…That was over four years ago. We’ve never been at 130lbs, I was talking about him [Shakur]. If we move up to 140lbs and 140lbs is hot, then he can move up from 130lbs to 140lbs. Hot meaning the fight is hot. If the fight is hot, go to 140lbs and fight. We never said we wouldn’t fight Shakur… Today I’m on Shakur’s ass. He’s a fraud, he’s a fake. He’s around here recording motherf***ers,” Bill Haney

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