Billy Joe Saunders Says Stabbing Accusations Are ‘Complete Rubbish’

Billy Joe Saunders called stabbing allegations “complete rubbish.”

On Sunday, a man posted on Fighting Travellers BKB’s YouTube channel claimed that at least one of his sons fought with Saunders in a street fight with four individuals. He then accused Saunders of stabbing son Johnny Dunne in the hand with a knife. The two-weight world champion boxer also allegedly pointed a gun at another one of his sons, Patrick, but did not pull the trigger.

“Billy Joe, you pulled a knife, you drived it straight through my son’s hand and out the far side,” the man said in the video.

“He had a better chance of being world champion boxer than you, god knows where his future’s gone now with the injury you give him in his hand. You drove a knife straight through his hand. You pulled a gun and you stuck it in my Patrick’s face. He told you to pull the trigger but you never had the balls. You never had the balls to pull the trigger.”

Saunders denied all accusations via an Instagram story. He added that he would not comment further as advised by his lawyer.

Saunders (30-1) has been involved in a few controversies.

One included a charge with misconduct in 2018 for offering £150 of crack cocaine to a woman to perform a sex act or punch a pedestrian, which was caught on video. The woman punched a man walking by and Saunders drove away.

Saunders, 32, has not fought since May when he lost to Canelo Alvarez and lost his WBO world super middleweight title.

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