Bisping Alleges PED Use From GSP

UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping and his UFC 217 opponent Georges St-Pierre will be in Las Vegas for a press conference for the UFC’s return to New York.

Speaking on his Believe You Me podcast recently, Bisping recounted the press conference tale and suggested that the issues with making the fight happen promptly could have been the result of St-Pierre dragging his feet so as to avoid getting caught for steroid usage.

“I’d had a heavy night before and Georges was taking pleasure in [mocking me for my behavior]. So f**king what Georges. I’m 38 years old and I’m in Las Vegas. If you’re man enough to fight me anytime soon, I won’t be drinking. When I’m training for a fight I’m very, very dedicated but of course, I’m not training for a fight because I don’t know whether it’s because Georges needs to clear the steroids out of his system before he enters the USADA testing pool. I don’t know what the reason is but that is definitely a potentially valid reason because you’ve got to get tested for six months before you come back and he did his best to delay it so maybe that was why.”

Bisping is a consistent opponent of PED usage in the sport for some time, but to see him claim that St-Pierre who lobbied the UFC for more advanced drug testing long before USADA was involved in the sport, of using PED’s is interesting. St-Pierre also faced accusations of use while UFC welterweight champion though no proof ever come to light. Another interesting fact is that GSP immediately re-entered the USADA testing pool following his return announcement.

Yet, Bisping persists that there is something larger at work.

“I’ve been tested twice in this training camp, and I guess they’re gonna give up because they never get a sniff of anything with me. Never. And it costs a lot of money to send those agents out here. I’ll probably get another busy talk to throughout the training camp [but] I want to know how many time are they testing Georges St-Pierre?”

Per USADA’s official website, St-Pierre has been tested 10 times since entering the USADA testing pool last August. In the third quarter of 2016 he was tested four times, one time in each the first and second quarters of this year, and four times in third quarter of this year. Bisping on the other hand also has been tested 10 time over the same period, and six times so far this year.

“I was training with someone recently who shall remain nameless and he was telling me that he was on something. He’s not part of my regular team but I couldn’t help but notice the massive amount of muscle that this person had and he told me, he was very frank about it. . . I’m very naive when it comes to steroids but he said it’s in and out your system in one day. One day! Holy s**t! I didn’t even know such things existed, I really didn’t. That’s how naive I’m am and that’s what all those motherf**kers are taking, I’m telling you.

So USADA, if you’re listening, get your ass up to Canada and test Georges. Hide out in his apartment block and get the motherf**ker on the way to the gym.”

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